Friday, January 30, 2009

Goodbye ORA-600, hello, Blue Gecko

Things are changing a little around here. I have been running ORA-600 Consulting for five years, and have made the big decision to join Blue Gecko, a remote administration and managed hosting provider here in Seattle. My new colleagues look familiar. They are the same people that I worked with in the first several years of building's IT infrastructure in the late 90s.

This was a big decision, but my direction increasingly has been toward teaching and emergency support. These happen to be two areas Blue Gecko is excited to build on. So I will continue my focus in these two areas with the support of a great company. Best of all, I will no longer have to be in charge of billing, accounting, sales and toilet cleaning duties for my own company. This should leave me more time to work on the Oracle topics I care about more.

I'm hoping my clients will all come over to Blue Gecko with me. They'll frankly get much better support from the 24x7 support staff and mature monitoring and administration infrastructure Blue Gecko provides. They can still ask for me if they want!


Shiva said...


Good Luck with your new step!


D said...


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Thanks and Good Luck!


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